Where do our pets go when they leave us?
Is there a heaven for pets?
I Smell Heaven by Susan L. Trott, offers poetic reflections on the passage of our pets from our hearts.


I Smell Heaven. Poems on our pets' end of life.

This book is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever loved, lost and grieved for a beloved animal companion.


With crisp photographs and sweet pet poetry, the book is guaranteed to make you smile through your tears.


Sue’s love for animals – her legacy – lives on in this book of poetry, preserved and designed by her business partner and friend, Creative Director, Eric Boscia. It memorializes the souls of many adored pets, her own and those of her acquaintances. More importantly, it reflects the nurturing essence of Sue Trott who truly believed that the spirit never dies.

Published in the United States by MindPress Media, New York.

For information about quantity sales, rights, and other inquiries, please email ISmellHeaven@gmail.com.

Angels, better get out the mops
The cleaning sprays and wipes
My big old boy is coming
He’ll be with you tonight.


Tulip, drawn by Sue


Tell my mistress I regret
I ate your brand new shoes.
My mistake, I thought you said that
they were Jimmy Chews.

Humans think heaven’s filled with sunshine
Where their souls can bask in golden light
True, its warmth is good for catnaps
But felines much prefer the night.


Daily, tasty fish flakes would shower down
So I didn’t have to search for food
Or worry I’d be a bigger fish’s dinner
So in some sense, my life was good.

About the author


A brilliant artist and clever writer, a native New Yorker, Susan L. Trott, created some of the most memorable advertising campaigns in the most prestigious advertising agencies in London and New York City.  Her work experience spanned BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, McCann-Erickson and Saatchi & Saatchi, where she won awards for her campaigns for top international brands. Coke, Pepsi, and SONY were just a few of her name-brand clients.  She went on to form her own company, mentoring many in the creative art of advertising and marketing.

But Sue was not all work. She had a passion for animals and for rescuing pets. Her pit bull rescue organization, Earth Angels, saved dogs from drug dens in Harlem, and paid to rehabilitate and house them. Her ‘soul mate’ was an American Bulldog named Tulip, and after Tulip passed away, she rescued another American Bulldog, named Pink. She lovingly prepared food for her dogs, and when they got sick and were too ill to walk she shuttled them in baby carriages and wagons. After they died, she began writing poems. Her poetry encompassed all pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, even snakes.

In October 2018, Sue Trott was found slain in the bedroom of her NYC apartment. To date, a neighbor stands accused of the murder.  Sue’s love for animals – her legacy – lives on in this book of poetry, preserved and designed by her business partner and friend, Creative Director, Eric Boscia.


"Sue Trott was a force to be reckoned with - a lover of all creatures, human and pet, and if you ever loved and lost a friend, you will especially treasure every touching moment." 
Judith Lederman, author, journalist and friend of Sue.


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